Top Supplements that Boost the Immune System

The immune system is composed of biological structures that work to protect an organism against infection. For an immune system to function well, it must be able to detect the many different types of pathogens (bacteria, viruses etc.) and distinguish them from the cells of the organism. At times, the immune system can fail to perform because of several factors, some of which can be beyond control. There are supplements though that can help boost your immune system. Below are the best supplements for the immune system.

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1. Fish Oil

Oils from fishes contain beneficial effects against many diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease and inflammation. According to a study that was published the year 2012 testing the immune capabilities of fish oil, it was concluded that fish oil had the abilities to improve the immune system after an exercise. The best time to take this supplement, therefore, is during the time when the immune system is weakened.

2. Multivitamin Pills

When there are adequate levels of micronutrients in the body, the immune system functions most efficiently. Fewer micronutrients in the body lead to suppression of the immune system, and the body becomes more vulnerable to infections. According to a study, vitamins boost the immune system. The study found out too that minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and selenium also improve the immune system.

3. Probiotics

Your gut contains over a hundred species of bacteria. These bacteria help out in balancing the gut while some of them help to increase the number of T cells (a vital component of the immune system). From research, probiotic supplemented foods had a profound effect in boosting the immune system. Supplementation with probiotics led to an improved intestinal T-cell count, reduced inflammation, reduced the cortisol levels and led to a better response to stress.

4. Aged Garlic Extract

This supplement’s infection-fighting abilities has been proved to work against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. From a research that was published the year 2012, garlic was realized to have an impact on different immune cell types. People who take garlic experience a reduction in symptoms of flu and cold because of the effects garlic adds to the immune system.

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All these supplements work to improve certain aspects of the immune system. People with a weak immune system are advised to include these supplements in their diet. They help maintain a healthy immune system.